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My grandmother always knew exactly what to do.

Too much salt in the stew? “Put a potato in!” she would say.

Today most of us would just toss it out.

I wish I had paid closer attention and had written down all those household tips she had stored in her memory. But I didn’t. In an effort to record those tips that I do remember and those that I have learned over time myself, I decided to list them here.

Hopefully my family, friends, and readers will find these tips useful in every-day life.

Preserve and Use Citrus Fruit


The Easiest Way to Catch a Fly

Housefly on blue texture

Cleaning Clay Bakeware


Keeping Celery Fresh

A stalk of celery, covered with a plastic bag and placed in a cup that has these words written on it: "Love you to the moon and back".
Keep celery fresh for longer


How to eat healthier, save time & money when preparing home-cooked meals.

This segment:

Plan your meals, shop smart and do the prep work ahead of time.


Stay tuned for more tips and hints!