Physical Wellness


Physical Wellness

is a sense of well-being through awareness and application of good health practices

– Physical Activity,

Healthy Eating,

– Sufficient Sleep.

When our daily routine consists of little to no exercise, unhealthy eating and sleeping habits, over time our level of health, our body, and our sense of well being changes. Because the changes often happen gradually, we don’t always recognize immediately that we are not in optimal shape.

Interestingly, once we make changes to our routine, we often begin to recognize that we look and feel much better and  we can see that we truly were not in good health before. (Hindsight after all is 20/20)

So how can we make changes and live healthier without feeling a deep sense of deprivation and loss?

  • Take one day at a time
  • Tackle one new habit at a time
  • Reward yourself

In the Physical Wellness segment of this blog you will find tips and encouragement, as well as links to delicious, healthy recipes and exercise routines.

We will tackle things one step at a time.

Making small changes will add up and lead to health benefits.

You CAN live Healthier and Happier 

Take. one step at a time:

One Step at a time

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