Go Toxin Free

Danger Lurks Unseen Under Your Nose


What am I talking about?

Chemicals – toxins, invisible to the naked eye, create havoc on the human body. It is frightening how these damaging substances infiltrate our lives.

Sadly most of us are unaware.

Things we use daily, things like shampoo, detergents, cleaning products, and even the food we eat are effected. We eat and drink daily. We shower, wash dishes and use many products, but shockingly, not all are safe. Too many products are manufactured to maximize profit, but sadly the health and well-being of consumers appears to be of secondary concern. So, we end up with harmful chemical fumes in paint, carpet, furniture, and toxins in clothing. We find antibiotics in our meat, produce sprayed with pesticides, genetically modified foods — all part of our meals, as well as a host of other chemicals surrounding us daily.

What can we do?

It is imperative that we, as consumers, pay attention to our environment and become informed. We need to be aware, educate ourselves, and be wise about what we buy, what we use, and what we surround ourselves with.

In an effort to promote a healthier way of living, I have written about buying and eating fresh, instead of processed foods. Some will say they can’t afford the higher cost of organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, free-range foods. However, if we shop wisely, cut out processed convenience foods, do away with ‘junk food,’ and reduce restaurant visits, our food budget should NOT increase. So I encourage you, if at all possible, buy healthier, cleaner foods (GMO-free, organic, grass-fed, no antibiotic, free-range). You will reap the benefits with a healthier life for years to come.

Now, let’s say you’re doing all that. You’re buying healthy, organic, clean food, free from toxins. Is that all you need?

What are you putting on your skin? What about shampoo, conditioner, soap, detergents, bubble baths, lotions, make up? What about the products used to clean your laundry, dishes, and home?

I have done a little research into the products my family has been using for years. I’ve looked at products we used to cleanse our home, cars, pets, clothing, body, and hair.  I have also taken a hard look at make-up. And sadly, I was not happy about what I found.

Have you taken a look at the back of any of the products you use in your home or on your body? Have you read the list of ingredients and wondered what they are? If you are a little like me, perhaps you noticed the long names nobody can pronounce, the list of unknown ingredients. But, perhaps like me, you trusted that whatever the ingredients are, you thought they could not possibly be bad for us because the government, the FDA would not allow anything that might cause us harm, right?

I know that is how I used to feel, but I am not so trusting anymore.

Did you know that the European Union has banned over 1000* ingredients in personal care products, but in the United States, the FDA has only banned eleven? Unbelievable, right?

I challenge you to take a look at the back of your products and google the ingredients to see what they actually are. I should warn you though. You may not really want to see because what you will find might shock you.



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Toxic Chemicals in Kid’s Bath Products



  • Farmers listened and some are growing organic, and non-GMO food.
  • Some Ranchers raise healthier, grass-fed, free-range livestock now.
  • Some companies are finally creating safer, toxin-free products.
  • In an effort to raise awareness, I will start a series of articles, featuring companies which sell safer products.
  • And Living Healthier will soon feature simple recipes to help you create toxin free personal care products, made completely from natural ingredients.  It is good to know what is in the products our families use.

Stay tuned.


Coming Soon:

The Challenge of Living Toxin Free

Living healthier by living a toxin-free life

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Companies that sell Natural Products

Non-toxic Products

Recipes for all-natural products


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