Cooking in Clay

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A Natural, Healthy Way to Cook:

Using a Romertopf

I am always looking for healthier ways to prepare and cook food. I avoid salt, sugars, processed foods and unhealthy FATS. How can we avoid fats when cooking meats? Don’t we need some fat?

Not necessarily.

With the Romertopf we can bake whole meals in a completely healthy, natural way, using   steam and natural juices. And what’s even better: It tastes great!

A Romertopf is a baking dish made entirely of clay. These clay bakers originated in Germany and were introduced to the International market in 1967.  Originally they were completely unglazed. More recently, partially glazed bakers are becoming popular for the ease of cleaning. Clay Bakers can be purchased in different sizes to fit anyone’s need. Small to large, they all work the same way with the same healthy, natural, delicious results . Romertopf

Start out by soaking your clay baker. Completely submerse it in water for 20 minutes. The clay needs to absorb water. While the clay baker is soaking, prepare your food. When you’re ready, remove the clay cooker from the water and fill it with the ingredients called for in your recipe:

You can add vegetables and/or meat or fruit as you desire. Place the clay pot into a cold oven and set the temperature as the recipe calls for. After the required cooking time your meat and vegetables will be moist and delicious, perfectly cooked without even an ounce of fat.

Over time I will add my favorite Recipes here to share with you. So stay tuned.

Tomorrow I will add a segment about how to take care of your Romertopf / Clay Baker.


Baked Chicken Thighs and Vegetables

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Roasted Chicken – Romertopf

Cleaning Clay Bakeware