What’s up with your water?

Water is vital to sustain life.

Without water, precious life on our earth cannot be sustained. We NEED clean, safe water.

How long can we stay healthy if our source of water is polluted? How long do we stay alive if our water is pumped full of toxic chemicals?

Most of us trust the water that comes out of our tap. We assume our water treatment plants make sure our water is perfect for consumption.

What happened in Flint Michigan showed us that trust is not always warranted.

How about your tap water?

Did you know that there are ways to check out the safety of your own water source? The following article goes deeper into this topic and has a great link where you can check your local water.

I encourage you to read What’s up with your water on Life Lemons and Lavender and find the link on the bottom of the page to check the safety of YOUR water.

What’s up with your water? What’s up with your water? — Read on lifelemonslavender.com/2019/11/17/whats-up-with-your-water/

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  1. Sadly, our municipal water company puts fluoride in the water! Yuk! A known carcinogen, it’s not something I need to consume in every drink of water. I’ve talked to the water department superintendent and he sympathized, but it was out of his control. He said he has used less and less of it, but it is still present. I told him that when I have a pimple I don’t drink Clearasil, I put it on the pimple. If my teeth need fluoride, drinking it is not going to do anything beyond poisoning me. So I buy water in five-gallon bottles and hope that even though they are free of BPA and stuff, they are probably made with something else that hasn’t been identified yet…

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    1. Chris says:

      You are absolutely correct. It’s scary, isn’t it? I agree with the fluoride analogy and really like that you talked to the superintendent. Great job standing up for health. If people speak up loudly enough something might change. Did you find the link on the page that shows the water quality in your area? Ours was not rated well. I am glad I’ve been filtering water for years now and am very glad that you are taking precautions as well. It’s the only option we have, sadly.

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      1. I checked my water supply and it had 6 contaminants listed including radium. It makes me shudder. Thank you so much for the link. I can pass that on to others now. Have a lovely evening Chris!

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  2. Chris says:

    Shocking, right? There were also tips about what you can do.
    I came across an image this evening. It made me think of what you wrote earlier today.


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